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Succeed and Achieve at the VSB Student Resource Fair

Coming into the Villanova School of Business, I did not expect to be greeted by the abundance of resources and opportunities that are offered here. On September 9, 2019, I attended the VSB Student Resource Fair and was informed of all of the resources that are available to us, VSB students.

The Student Resource Fair was held in the Bartley Hall Nydick Commons, with tables set up in rows which allowed for easy access to each presentation. Each table was dedicated to a resource available to Villanova Business Students with representatives from each resource who were readily available to inform and answer any questions. I felt more comfortable after speaking to the representatives and I grew excited to be able to utilize these resources in order to not only improve myself as a student, but also prepare myself for the professional world.

One resource that was highlighted at the VSB Student Resource Fair was VSB Peer Tutors. These peer tutors provide both appointments and walk-in tutoring available throughout the year to all Villanova Business Students. During the tutoring sessions, tutors collaborate with the student in order to increase understanding of course content through exploring different strategies to learning the material. There is also an option to book appointments online through the Villanova University Tutoring Services portal. A schedule of available office hours is provided in the portal and it is very easy to navigate. All of the VSB Peer Tutors are dedicated to helping fellow VSB students succeed in their studies; after all, Villanovans help Villanovans.

Another resource that was highlighted at the fair was The Clay Center. The Clay Center is essentially the center, and arguably the most important and helpful, place in Bartley Hall. Here, you can receive help and information about educational planning and academic advising, experiential learning opportunities such as internships and CoOps, and professional development programs and resources. Each student at VSB is assigned an academic advisor, who is available in the Clay Center upon appointment or during walk-in hours. These academic advisors work alongside students throughout their undergraduate years, ensuring that they are taking the courses that will benefit them and that keep them on track to pursuing the major(s) and/ or minor(s) of their choice.

The Student Resource Fair effectively informed students about the variety of different resources available on campus. I recommend all Villanova Business School students, both underclassmen and upperclassmen, attend the Student Resource Fair in order to be informed of the amazing resources available and to make the most out of the four years here at Villanova University.